PERSONAL TRAINING:  Enjoy a 1:1 training session geared to your specific needs and goals.  Movement assessment as well as measurements included in this initial evaluation.


Initial 1hr Evaluation: $50

1hr session: $45

30min session: $30

SMALL GROUP TRAINING:  Enjoy the same level of attention as a private session while grouping together 2-8 people of appropriate levels.


1hr session: $30/person

30min session: $20/person

PILATES CHAIR:  The MVe Pilates chair is a great way to put variety into your exercise routine.  A chair workout is challenging and can be adapted to any fitness level. It focuses attention on core muscles that help keep the human body balanced and provide support for the spine, while still giving you a total body workout. Though the basic design is simple, there are a variety of exercises that can be performed on the Pilates chair. Exercises are done lying, sitting, and standing, as well as from positions to the sides of the chair. One can expect a lot of stability, balance and flexibility work during this workout. Sessions led by Jen Moslener.


30min session(1:1): $30

1hr session(2-3 people): $30/person

FIGHT CONDITIONING:  Get into fighting shape with sessions that revolve around fight training(boxing, MMA, & kickboxing).

These sessions will teach you to build core strength, power, endurance, balance, and strength all while learning the striking techniques in fighting.  A fun and challenging way to get battle fit and learn some handy self-defense.  Sessions led by Windy Taff.



Hours by appointment only



Group of 2: $20/person

Group of 3-6: $15/person

SPORTS PERFORMANCE IGNITE 360 TRAINING:  Ignite 360 Training is an intense fitness discipline and training system based on the core elements of sport performance that challenges each individual to maximize their potential and enhance their athletic engine through challenges and workouts rooted in movement, balance and strength.

Ignite 360Training exercises fall into four main categories within workouts: dynamic warm-up (DW), core-posture (CP), explosiveness-quickness (EQ) and resistance training (RT). Within each category, there are also designations for specific sports, all sports or elite performance, dialing in the focus of each exercise in terms of balance, strength and movement.


Private 1hr session: $45

Small Group (2-4 athletes) 1hr session: $30/person

Team Training 1 hr session: $10-20/person depending on # of athletes (will be discussed with coach)

HOME PROGRAM:  No time to train in our facility‚Ķlet one of our trainers put together a program designed for your needs with the equipment you have access to at home or elsewhere.  Program can also be designed for equipment-free workouts if you do not have access to anything else but body weight at home.  This program will be  given to you at time of session(current client) or emailed to you once completed(non-training client).


$50/ program  only(current personal training/group training client)

$60/ program + 45min-1hr demo session w/trainer(current personal training/group training client)

$75/ assessment + program + 45min-1hr demo session w/ trainer(non-training client)

NUTRITION CONSULTATION:   Your current food intake and overall nutrition is approximately 80% responsible for your results. Let one of our trainers sit down with you to figure out a way to assist you in eating healthier, allowing you to meet your goals.  Your current nutrition habits and exercise routine will be considered as a plan is developed to meet your dietary needs.


$40/ plan only via email

$60/ 45min-1hr consult and plan