One size does not fit all, and we have specialized home fitness, nutrition programs, and massage and bodywork services to meet the needs of every client.

Home Fitness Training:

Not everyone can get to FitU for training, but that shouldn't mean you don't train. Let one of our trainers design a program for you, using the facilities and equipment you have access to at home or in another location. No equipment? No problem. Our trainers can build an equipment-free program. 

Your personalized program can be delivered at the time of training if you're a current client, or will be emailed to you after your first assessment and session if you're new to FitU.



Current Clients:

  • $50/program only (no training)

  • $60/program + one 45 minute demo session with your trainer

New Clients:

  • $75/assessment + program + one 45 minute to 1 hour demo session with your trainer

Nutrition ConsulTation:

Exercise is critical to good health, but your nutritional plan is equally--if not more--important in meeting specific fitness goals. Let one of our trainers design a nutritional plan specifically for you, built around your goals, your schedule, and your likes and dislikes. 



  • $40: Plan only via email

  • $60: 1 hour consultation and plan

Sports Massage and Bodywork

All techniques can be offered singularly or in combination in each individualized session. Each massage technique is used as a tool to help the body heal and encourage relaxation, circulation, and flexibility.  



  • 30 minute sessions: $45

  • 45 minute sessions: $65

  • 60 minute sessions: $85

  • 90 minute sessions: $120